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1) engaged in unauthorized use of photographs, videos and data of Estech-developed systems, 
2) making claims to having developed the capabilities of Estech systems, or 
3) making claims that contracts were awarded in the United States or abroad for waste treatment systems based upon technology developed by Estech.

The only web sites of companies currently authorized to use and advertise Estech-developed systems using materials and data on this web site or using other intellectual property rights from Estech USA LLC are:

1); and

Any other use of materials and data on this web site or obtained from Estech violates Estech’s intellectual property rights.

Estech USA LLC is the original developer and current exclusive owner of the technology described on this web site, as well as the owner of all associated intellectual property rights (including patent, trade secret and copyrights) pertaining to the Estech-developed autoclave and related waste treatment systems. Estech USA intends to vigorously enforce intellectual property rights in the Estech-developed autoclave technology.

Any questions regarding the origin or ownership of the Estech-developed autoclave technology are welcomed and should be directed to Estech USA LLC using the contact information provided. If you have any questions regarding the origin of advertised autoclave and related waste treatment systems that are the same or appear similar to those depicted on this web site, or which purport to achieve results similar to those obtained using Estech-developed autoclave and related waste treatment systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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