Estech, LLC (the “Company” or "Estech"), was formed in 2005 to commercialize a novel municipal solid waste (MSW) autoclaving system, first built as a prototype at the University of Alabama in 1992

Estech’s origins date back to 1998 when The Slane Group purchased the Mod-1 “proof-of-concept” design and operated it in Sheffield, UK as the precursor to a commercial Mod-2 FiberCycle® System. In 2002, The Slane Group opened a fully functional Mod-2 plant in Wales. With the experience gained from the Mod-2 design and with an understanding of emerging market drivers, Estech built the Mod-3 prototype MSW plant at its US headquarters.

During years 2006-2010 in partnership with the VT Group (IP Licensee), Estech was in process of commercializing the technology in the US and in Europe. VT Group was subsequently taken over by Babcock and as a result of the hostile takeover Babcock today owns the first plant under construction in Wakefield, UK, of a 4-vessel FibreCycle® plant capable of processing approximately 200,000 tons of MSW per year, present value of £750mill.

In November 2011 Estech has successfully concluded a global exclusive licensing agreement with a newly formed Estech USA, LLC (EUSA) to further develop, manufacture, license, sell, or otherwise commercialize technology they (Estech) previously controlled.

EUSA, is a privately held limited liability corporation under the sole direction of Mr. Jan Michalek, President. Its principal offices are presently located at 60 Elm Street, Canal Winchester, Ohio 43235.  The Company’s telephone number is 614.834.4175.

EUSA is engaged in the independent creation and development of technology relating to municipal solid waste disposal.  EUSA has several technologies in the marketplace, including the MOD-3 MSW; MOD-4 AHP, and MOD-5 THP technologies.




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